Finally a New Book on Lean Selling

The 4 years we’ve been experimenting with our lean kanban sales model, there have been very few developments in the broader lean community on the lean sales process. The Lean Enterprise Institute only has one course listed, Delphi’s former lean sales pioneer Brent Wahba‘s lean sales course and to my knowledge it has not been scheduled for a while.

It was great to see Robert Prior’s Lean Selling book, which is a very thorough treatment of the sales process with a lean focus. The book covers the major lean areas (5 why’s, making things visual, KPIs, types of waste, voice of the customer, value stream mapping, flow, etc) it provides almost a day-by-day roadmap to implementing lean in sales. Comparing sales to customer service (where lean has largely spread) helps take the myth away that sales is an art and not a process.

While the book is rooted more in the traditional lean principles than personal kanban type of visual processes that we are focused on, it is still the best book on the lean selling topic in the last few years.

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