Paperless life is a Lean life

About a year ago I completely switched to a paperless lifestyle inspired by Evernote ambassador and writer, Jamie Rubin. What started as a personal productivity tool transformed many aspects of my business life as well.

In fact, I realized how anti-Lean paper based life is. At its core, paper is wasteful (recycling has waste also), and paper based processing has many anti-Lean characteristics: it requires several steps of re-processing (entering data captured on paper for electronic processing, sharing or storage), over processing required to find any information captured on paper or recovering any paper-based information lost. The more I have been without paper, the more I question any value (beyond aesthetics) paper can add to our life and our businesses.

It has been almost a year for me being completely paperless. No Moleskines, no notes everything goes into Evernote through Penultimate or IFTTT. I do not keep paper receipts, photos or anything that can be stored electronically. Todo lists are in Toodledo or Trello. Everything else is in Evernote, which in turn is backed up into Google Drive and Dropbox. All have 2-factor authentication for security. The best part is, everything I am looking for I can find in seconds. It would have taken me weeks sometimes to find an old document or receipt. Long live the end of paper waste. I highly recommend the paperless journey to everyone. The best primer, of course, is by Jamie here.


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