Launching a Lean Sales Transformation

Despite 50 years of Lean in manufacturing and a decade or two in high tech, you still have to look far and wide to find great stories of sales-driven Lean programs.  Which is amazing considering Lean is all about sales and the customer. It should be all about Pull.

So in January 2013 we decided to take a successful strategic sales organization focused on complex enterprise technology sales at the board level – and turn it to Lean.

We have a year. We will do it faster. And learn along the way.
Only a week into the effort we already connected with several Lean Sensei at various auto (of course), tech and industrial manufacturing firms and started gathering their learning as well.

– double the revenues per headcount in our group
– respond to customer requests in half the time

It will be a fantastic journey combining the best of 3 philosophies:
LEAN (especially the LEI variety), Kanban Method by Dave Anderson and our own business model innovation process called P/S/S (more on that later…)

We are looking forward to fascinating learning, great collaboration and fun times ahead. And most importantly – very happy customers spending twice as much in half the time.

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