The Magic of Trello Search Across Kanban Boards

We’ve been using Trello boards for 5 years now. Since our team members are scattered across the globe, keeping tabs on what everyone is working on can be complicated. Emails are rarely helping.

Following our LEAN principles, we all made all our work visible to others. Everyone is free to adapt Trello to their own workflow needs. Nowadays we have over 100 business and shared personal boards and no-one can be expected to check every one of them for items relevant to their own work or having a deadline.

A couple of simple tricks allow me and my team to stay on top of everything that is going on in minutes a day:

  • Add yourself to every card where you want to be notified of updates or deadlines. Add others to your cards if you want them to be notified.
  • Make sure tasks have a deadline
  • Use searches to find overlapping activities and deadlines for yourself or others
  • Make all your tasks visible to those who need to know.

In my daily workflow I follow the above rules and also use a couple of favorite Trello searches. These searches have saved me hours of searching for status updates, deadlines, documents and overlapping activities.

  • My most favorite search:   @me due:7  This single search allows me to see all activities where I have to finish something across hundreds of tasks on dozens of boards. I ether work on them or at least comment on the card – letting those waiting for me know when things will be done. A small step to eradicate the disease of endless corporate waiting loop.

There are a few other searches I use every day. Here is a list.

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